Participation plan in the use of Ghoghnoos amusement park

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  • Contribution Plan for Ghoghnoos Amusement Park

According to the importance of providing living facilities and basic needs of the family from commercial complexes  , these complexes have became a center for family members reunion ,that families use the recreational facilities and services beside shopping.

Ghoghnoos  tower which is known as one of the most beautiful trade and tourism center of the country includes : commercial unites and shopping mall , fast food restaurant , Italian cafe, traditional restaurant , ceremony and reception halls , Hypermarket , 5 star Hotel , classic restaurant , Branded stores , conference hall , Amphitheater swimming pool , Gym , sport center , Gold and jewelry center and so on …

Ghoghnoos trade and tourism tower is located in the city center of Semnan Province which is the connecting trade of north to the south through the touristic route of Semnan-Sari and east to the west through silk road which is well known by the most of the people of the worid.

Top of the exclusive climate of Semnan province motivates tourists who are interested in History sites , natural resorses , industry , economy.

Considering  Ghoghnoos Hotel as their starting Point , tourist to reach their favorite destination according to their interest in different fileds of below :

Ghoghnoos tower          Capital city ( Tehran )   185  km

Ghoghnoos tower          Dashte Kavir Desert        20   km

Ghoghnoos tower          Caspian Sea                      170 km

Ghoghnoos tower          Rodbarak jungle                 50 km

As you find out in one hand our project in located in as special and unique tourism area and on the other hand in terms of architecture and hight we are confident enough to say that our project is our of the most beautiful and unique trad and tourism project of the country in term of function and architecture( Particulary the Amusement Park ).

To cut it short this project turned to be one of the most out starding  apportinnity for investers in field of recreational and tourism.

Ghoghnoos Amusement Park is also expected to be one of this project which is located in the hight of 30 meters , with the area of 7000 ms2 in size including Gym , tennis , Billiards …etc.


Certainly investment in a project is depended to its returns and profitability that these key points are taken into consideration very well in our project.

First phase of Ghoghnoos project was eye catching enough to the people,s attention more than 5000 people visit the lobby and shopping center day that this number reaches to more than 800 people on holiday.

So increasing the welfare facilities like amusement park is extremely important for visiter,s comfort and welfare and it will also have a good return.

Ghoghnoos is a multifunction project fields of tourism , welfare , recreation  , eatering and shopping that will definitely have a appropriate profit for investors.

  1. Predicted facilities for Ghoghnoos tower.1.Commercial complex with more than 300 units2. Restaurants including : Italian and classic restaurant , fast food restaurant , café ,…3.Hypermarket with the area of 400 squre meters 4.five star hotel5. Gold and jewellery center6.Gym garden8.Cinema and Amphitheater9.Bowling10.Amusement park11.Reception hall12.Swimming pool and water treatment complex13.Sport center : Bowling,Billiard,tennis,..14.Museum and observatory15.Roof garden
  2. Return on investment

As it was mentioned before Ghoghnoos tower is a unique project for various reasons and with growing number of visiters each month we are more  comfident than before to say that the return on capital investment won,t take more than 2 years when all the phases of the project are done.

According to the special features and apportunities of Ghoghnoos project , beside providing the space and infrastrucuture facilities for designing and providing equipments for amusement park , we are ready to welcome any suggestions for any types of cooperation and jv from investors.

  1. Architecture specifications and plans of amusement park

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